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Ch Tahirah Tattered Lace
Bumpkin Tiaa
Bumpkin Chocolate Buttons
Pampurred Pavlova
BRI a 24
BRI a 24
BRI h 24
All cats are
Tested PKD negative
Ch Tahirah Tattered Lace Ch Tahirah Tattered Lace
BRI a 24 - d.o.b. 20.06.14
Carries colourpoint and Lilac. Homozygous for agouti
(Ch Limatz Cookie-Monster x Ch Tahirah Forgetmenot)
Blood type A carrying b
Ch Tahirah Tattered Lace
Bumpkin Tiaa Bumpkin Tiaa
BRI a 24 - d.o.b. 22.07.15
Carries colourpoint
(Oscar's Giovanni V. Wernerwald (Imp) x Bumpkin Skye)
Blood type homozygous A
Bumpkin Tiaa
Photo to follow of Buttons... Bumpkin Chocolate Buttons
BRI h 24 - d.o.b. 15.06.16
Carries colourpoint and dilute
(Rodwaye Statesman x Ch Tahirah Tattered Lace)
Carries longhair
Blood type A carrying b
Pampurred Pavlova Pampurred Pavlova
BRI a - d.o.b. 19.06.16
Does not carry colourpoint
(Bumpkin Blueprint x Pampurred Aliza)
Blood type b
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